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Q & A

Our Q&A has answers to many common questions — or you can send us a question directly

Shipping & Delivery

  • How will you ship my custom made clothing?

    All custom made clothing is shipped via a reputable courier service or Singapore Post. For any shipping matters, please email :

  • Where can I track my delivery?

    Email us at for your parcel despatch details / airway bill no.
    Click here to track your package if they are delivered by DHL.
    Click here to track your package if they are delivered by Singpost.

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

    You will receive your order in three to four weeks. We always try our best to deliver sooner. If you need your order sooner, please send in your request and we will do our best to get it to you in time.


  • Can I schedule an on-site visit with your Master or Mastress tailor in my home or office?

    Certainly. If you have ten or more people interested in custom tailored clothing, we will be happy to make the arrangements.

  • Do I have to get re-measured every time I pick something out?

    Not at all. Once we have your measurements on our records, re-orders are easy. If you want something new, all you have to do is select the fabric and styles.
    Click here on ‘How to Order’.
    Click here to visit ‘Online Shop’

  • I’m a bit hesitant to order custom clothing...I worry about the fit.

    You may start your first order by sending us your best fitting clothing. Or, if you do take your own measurements, follow the guidelines on our site to be sure that the information is precise and comprehensive. Once we have received your order, our Master or Mastress tailor will call you and confirm all of your sizes for complete accuracy, if required.

    Download the guidelines here.

  • Is it possible for you to duplicate the fit of any of my favorite clothing presently in my wardrobe?

    Absolutely. Just send us your clothing with your order. We’ll be glad to incorporate any changes you might want and then return the clothing you sent, along with your new ‘Ehkay Corner Tailors’ custom made clothing.

Payment & Inquiries

  • Where will my clothes be made?

    All custom made clothing that we sell are cut and sewn in our workshops in Singapore.

  • I have a friend who wants to talk to you about ordering tailored clothing. How can he get in touch?

    Show your friend the “Contact Us” page on our website and invite him/her to write to us. Your friend may email to us at: or call or whatsapp us. We respond to every inquiry and appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

  • How are you different from the other custom tailors who advertise on the Internet? Why should I choose you?

    Glad you asked. It is true, there are other companies. Our point of difference is how we take care of our customers…’OUR PERSONAL TOUCH’. It shows in the craftsmanship details, the way we respond to requests and ultimately in the value of each and every garment that bears the ‘Ehkay Corner Tailors’ name.

Product & Customization

  • When I place my order, can I choose different styles? Is it possible to request different styles, collars, cuffs, pockets or other unique features on my clothing?

    Yes, we will be happy to custom make clothing according to your preferred requirements. A design from a magazine, your best outfit in your wardrobe or a photo picture is most welcome! As professional tailors, we are able to make to measure any style or design to your preference.

  • Can I use different fabrics?

    Of course! You may choose any fabric we offer. We stock well over 5,000 choices of cloth and fabric, all of which come with high thread counts for rich texture and feel. We have put only a few samples up here on our site, but with time, we will be posting much more samples for your choice. If you are unable to find the exact fabric that you are looking for, simply send us an email at: with the description, or a photograph from a catalog or magazine. We will to find the perfect match for you.

  • Does offer a guarantee?

    Yes. All custom made clothing carry a lifetime free repair of any seam. Additional buttons and shirt collar stays are always free for the asking. A guarantee is only as good as the company, which is why we offer you the best.

  • Are new fabrics available frequently?

    Yes, twice a year we introduce new fabrics. Let us know if you have a specific request, and we will endeavor to find the fabric for you.

  • Does each and every customer get his/her own personalized pattern?

    Absolutely! A precise paper pattern is prepared based on your personal measurements and requirements. The only thing that is the same for all of our customers is our commitment to quality. We use the finest threads, and the strongest linings in the custom made clothing (and our buttons will never turn milky white from laundering!)

Privacy Policy

  • Do you share your customer list with other companies?

    We never have, do not and we never will. We respect and value your privacy.